Mixology Mastery Online Classes

Our "Mixology Mastery" classes will transform you from complete novice to a professional, master bartender! Whether You're Looking for a Fun Hobby to impress your friends and family, a Side Hustle to earn some extra cash, or a full time career in Hospitality, these classes will be your step by step guide to mastering the "Art of the Cocktail"

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Class Registration include:

  • Class textbook "Barprints: Crash Course", covering important info on all your favorite spirits, cocktail templates, and Barprints signature recipes
  • Learn our Signature Technique for Learning and Remembering Cocktail Recipes
  • Lifetime Access To Course Material and Private Members Only Facebook Group, where have access to free resources like cocktail recipes; where you can engage, learn and connect with other cocktail enthusiasts and experts.

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