Classic Caribbean Cocktail (The Mojito) with a hint of Jamaican sexy!


2oz simple syrup 
1 oz lime juice
1 oz rum (used Appleton Genesis, substitute Bacardi if you don't have any) 
2 leaves mint
2 lime slices with burnt sugar
3 oz Club soda
Glass: Rock
Garnish: Lime twist
NB: For a "Rosana Sucia" substitute 2oz Simple Syrup for 2oz Burnt Sugar Syrup and 1oz Simple Syrup.  Add 1oz more of Club Soda




Pour lime juice into the glass.

Place lime slices on a plate and cover with sugar.

Use a creme brûlée torch to melt the sugar until liquefied and brown.

Place the lime slices (sugar side down) in the glass and muddle. Stamp/spank the mint leaves in your hand then place in the glass.
Combine the rest of ingredients with ice in a mixing glass or shaker and stir. Pour contents into glass and serve over crushed ice. 
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