About Us

Fostering Taste, Cultivation, and Artful Mixology!

Barprints is a master mixology center offering expert bartender training through online cocktail making classes, a vast resource of mixology tips and knowledge, quality bartending products, and a welcoming community of enthusiasts and professionals from around the world. At Barprints, anyone can master mixology and have the confidence to prove their ability with every mix, shake, and stir. 

Our mixology services can be customized to your needs be they personal or professional, whether you are a hobbyist, enthusiast, bartender, business owner or brand entrepreneur. Barprints features exclusive online mixology classes and cocktail training as well as free resources and access to blogs, social media, and on-the-fly answers to all of your bartending questions. We work tirelessly to provide value to anyone interested in mixology and are deeply grateful to be part of this timeless, iconic culture.


Words from the Founder!

Hi, I’m Sam James Jr., founder of Barprints, veteran mixologist, and international bartender course instructor originating from Jamaica and based in Miami, Florida. The inspiration behind Barprints arrived to me over the course of many years in service of the hospitality and consulting industry as a bartender, trainer, consultant, and cocktail creative. Once upon a time, I stood behind the bar at a 4-diamond, all-inclusive resort in Negril, Jamaica, where visitors from various cultures and backgrounds would sit down and appraise my skills in everything from their national favorites to exotic surprises.  

After honing my abilities as a bartender, I began to offer private bartender consultant services to hotels, restaurants, bars, and brands as a mixology trainer, menu creator, and event concept specialist for clients around the world. While visiting New York, I saw cocktail culture’s growing popularity in both social and professional circles, in what felt like a renewed love of the artform that is mixology. It wasn’t long before my opinion was in high demand, and I was regularly giving advice on how to “spice up” familiar classic cocktail recipes and special occasions.

That’s when I realized just how valuable my experience was not only to companies, but to aspiring bartenders and everyday people whose lives could be enlivened with a touch of master mixology. I founded Barprints to offer online cocktail classes to anyone and everyone and guide your hands and senses to the finer details of mixology, leaving you—and your patrons—delighted.

I also wanted to create an all-in-one, easy-to-use mixology product that saves both time and money while leaving zero room for error or confusion on the technique, recipe, and taste involved with every ingredient and cocktail. Since then, Barprints has grown and evolved into a community of members from around the world including enthusiasts and businesspeople alike — sharing in the common passion of serving up magic in a glass.


Sam James Jr.

Founder/Chief Mixologist