The Sazerac Cocktail | In this How to make a Sazerac cocktail video we’ll show you the classic cocktail recipe for the Sazerac cocktail and as we do at Barprints, give you a new spin on the classic cocktail we know you and your guests will absolutely love! We’ll answer the question of whether you should make a cognac Sazerac or rye Sazerac recipe (hope this settles the question of cognac vs whiskey for good). You’ll be able to decide for yourself if this is your favorite absinthe cocktail, or more accurately if its one of your favorite cocktails with absinthe. What had the Mad Men drinking this over other rye whiskey cocktails? You’ll learn a great substitution to using Peychaud’s bitters to make your Sazerac a bit more unique. Ultimately, whether you’re looking for cocktails with cognac, cocktails with bourbon, or just classic cocktail recipes, any of the “Mad Men cocktails” are cool cocktail recipes the are cool cocktails to make at home.
The Sidecar cocktail recipe | Learn how to make a sidecar cocktail; this classic cocktail recipe is possibly one of my favorite cognac cocktails. This sour cocktail recipe is one of those easy cocktails to make at home that’s the preferred citrus cocktail of many the world over. In this video you’ll not only learn how to make a sidecar drink, but in true Barprints fashion we give you a few variations to this classic cocktail and introduce Grand Marnier liqueur as a substitute for a popular ingredient found in so many citrus cocktails, and also cover using Cointreau vs Triple Sec in your cocktails. You’ll be adding the Bourbon Sidecar to your list of classic cocktail recipes; and once you’ve tried Grand Marnier orange liqueur in other easy cocktail recipes for parties, you’ll be on the lookout for more Grand Marnier recipes for making easy cocktails at home.
Fall mocktails! Fall mocktails for any occasion; whether looking for baby shower drinks, holiday drink ideas, or just non-alcoholic cocktails in general, these fall drink ideas are perfect refreshing drinks to make at home. Now whenever we at Barprints go the non-alcoholic cocktail route, you know that like all our mixed drinks, not only will they be easy drinks to make at home, but these virgin cocktail recipes are guaranteed to be tasty drinks. And while we’re on the subject of tasty drinks to make at home, you know these fall drink recipes will fast become some of your favorite non alcoholic cocktail recipes. There’s no rule that says virgin cocktails shouldn’t be any fun, so we made these virgin drink recipes as craft as they come. Call them whatever you want, virgin drinks, mocktails or otherwise, the non-alcoholic mocktail is here to stay; and every good bartender needs a few non alcoholic drinks to make at home for any occasion.
Here are some of the best cocktail recipes for that time of year, each drink recipe sure to become one of your favorite fall cocktails; and of course when making cocktails at home, easy cocktail recipes are an absolute must and these cocktail recipes are no exception. Easy cocktails for anyone looking for holiday drink ideas; and these homemade drinks make for great thanksgiving cocktails, and even though you want to make your Turkey Day special, these fall drinks are great simple cocktails to be enjoyed whenever possible. Use these fall drink recipes when you need easy holiday cocktails, whether for Thanksgiving or for any other homemade holiday drinks. No matter the occasion, these easy drinks are a sure win for your guests!