how to make frose

How to Make Frose: Impress Your Guests with This Refreshing Summer Cocktail

Frose Recipe: Impress Your Guests with This Refreshing Summer Cocktail

how to make frose

Everything You Need to Know about How to Make Frose

Imagine it!  A warm summer evening, your closest friends gathered on your patio, laughter filling the air. You raise a glass filled with a vibrant pink slush, condensation clinging to the sides. It's the perfect summer drink – refreshing, light, and undeniably Instagram-worthy. This, my friend, is the magic of a frose, a frozen rosé cocktail that's as easy to make as it is delicious to sip. Not only will you be the envy of your social circle, but you'll be saving money compared to expensive cocktails at a bar. Let's dive into how to create this crowd-pleasing beverage at home!

Frose Recipe

  • 750 ml bottle of dry rosé wine (around 25 fl oz)
  • 1 ½ cups frozen strawberries
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 1 ½ cups ice cubes

Optional Ingredients:

  • ¼ cup vodka (for an extra kick)
  • Fresh fruit slices for garnish (strawberries, raspberries, or even a sprig of mint)


  • Blender
  • Strainer (optional, if your strawberries aren't pre-hulled)
  • Wine glasses or mason jars


Prep Time: This recipe is all about convenience, with minimal prep required. If your strawberries aren't pre-hulled, take a few minutes to remove the stems and hulls.

Blend it Up: Combine the rosé wine, frozen strawberries, sugar, and ice cubes in your blender. Blend on high speed until smooth and slushy. This should take about 30 seconds to a minute, depending on your blender's power.

Straining (Optional): If your strawberries weren't pre-hulled or you prefer a smoother texture, you can strain the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve to remove any strawberry seeds or pulp.

Serve and Enjoy! Pour your frose into chilled wine glasses or mason jars. Garnish with a fresh strawberry slice, a sprig of mint, or any other creative touch you like.

Why Make Frose at Home?

A study by National Restaurant Association ( showed that the average cost of a cocktail at a bar in the US is $10.21. Making your own frose allows you to control the quality of ingredients and save money – a win-win!

What Rosé Wine Should I Use for Froze?

how to make frose

The beauty of frose lies in its adaptability. Choose a dry rosé that complements your taste buds. According to Wine Folly guide (, dry rosé pairs well with lighter summer fare like salads and grilled seafood. Look for bottles labeled "Provence" or "Côtes de Provence" for a classic French rosé or explore options from California or New York state for a taste closer to home. Avoid overly sweet rosés, as the frozen fruit will add plenty of sweetness to the final drink.

Ingredient Substitutions:

  • Frozen fruit: Don't have strawberries on hand? No problem! Experiment with other frozen fruits like peaches, cherries, or a tropical blend of mango and pineapple.
  • Sweetener: If you prefer a less sweet frose, use less sugar or substitute with honey or agave nectar.


Serving Suggestions:

  • The Classic Touch: Pour your frose into chilled wine glasses or mason jars for a more casual vibe. Garnish with a fresh strawberry or a sprig of mint for an extra touch of elegance.
  • Frozen Fun: Freeze leftover frose in ice cube trays for a playful way to add a frosé twist to future cocktails (think Frosé Margaritas!).
  • The Brunch Upgrade: For a unique brunch experience, serve a mimosa variation with frose instead of orange juice.

Nutrition Information (per serving):

  • Calories: 180 (approximately)
  • Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 20g
  • Sugar: 15g
  • Protein: 1g

Please note: This information is an estimate and can vary depending on the specific ingredients you use.

Taking Your Froze Game to the Next Level: Beyond the Basics

Now that you've mastered the classic frose recipe, let's explore some ways to elevate your game and create signature frose variations that will have your friends raving.

how to make frose

Fruity Twists:

    • Peach Melba Froze: Swap the strawberries for frozen peaches and raspberries, and add a splash of grenadine syrup for a delightful twist reminiscent of the classic dessert.
    • Watermelon Basil Froze: For a refreshing and slightly savory option, combine frozen watermelon chunks, a handful of fresh basil leaves, and a squeeze of lime juice with your rosé and ice.

Boozy Variations:

    • Spiked Froze: Feeling adventurous? Incorporate your favorite liqueurs for an extra layer of flavor. Try a splash of peach schnapps, elderflower liqueur, or even a touch of Aperol for a bit of Italian flair.
    • Frosé Sangria: Thinking of a larger batch for a party? Turn your frose into a pitcher of sangria! Simply add chopped fresh fruit like apples, oranges, and grapes to the blender along with your rosé, frozen fruit, and ice.

Presentation Perfection:

    • Frose Popsicles: Freeze leftover frose in popsicle molds for a fun and kid-friendly treat (minus the vodka, of course!).
    • Frose Bar: Set up a frose bar at your next gathering! Offer a variety of frozen fruit options, different flavored simple syrups, and even toppings like edible glitter or chopped nuts for guests to personalize their frosé creations.

Beyond Froze: Mastering Mixology at Home

While frose is a crowd-pleaser, there's a whole world of cocktails waiting to be explored. If you're looking to truly impress your guests and elevate your home entertaining skills, consider enrolling in our "Mixology Mastery: Online Bartending Course" offered by Barprints. This comprehensive course, designed by professional bartenders, will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to create classic cocktails and craft your own signature drinks.

how to make frose

From understanding essential bar tools and mastering basic techniques like shaking and stirring, to exploring flavor profiles and experimenting with different spirits and liqueurs, the "Mixology Mastery" course will transform you from a home bartender to a cocktail connoisseur.


Frose is the embodiment of summer entertaining – light, refreshing, and guaranteed to impress your guests. So ditch the crowded bars and expensive cocktails, and create your own backyard oasis with this delightful frozen drink. With a little creativity and our guide, you'll be a home mixology master in no time! What flavors will you experiment with in your frose creation?

So, the next time you have friends over, ditch the store-bought cocktail mixes and surprise them with your newfound mixology skills. After all, creating delicious and unique drinks is not just about the recipe, it's about the experience. Cheers to becoming the host with the most – and the most delicious frosé recipe – on the block!

how to make frose