Hot Guns

Hot Guns

1 part Scotch Bonnet infused Mango Nectar

2 parts Passion Fruit Juice

2 part Orange Juice

1 White um (I used Wray and Nephew Overproof)

1/4 Pimento Liqueur 

Pimento smoke


Use pimento/allspice in a handheld cold smoker and fill glass with smoke, sealing it with a plate or coaster. If you don't have a smoker, place the allspice on a flame safe surface and flame them with a butane torch until they start to smoke; then cover with glass (brandy snifter) so that it fills with smoke.

Combine ingredients with ice in a shaker and shake well.  Fill glass with crushed ice and then pour drink into glass.

Serve immediately so guest can experience the combination of the smoke with the flavors of the cocktail.