Bar Consultants! Why your business needs one!

Bar Consultants! Why your business needs one!

A bar is only as profitable as the person behind the drinks – so you better have a person who knows what they’re doing! A bar consultant can turn a lackluster venue into a sustainable enterprise in a reasonable amount of time. But what is a bar consultant, and why should your business utilize their services? We have a few ideas.

Dollars and Sense

Employing a bar consultant to assist with analyzing revenues and operating costs is a smooth business move because as much as it’s fun to offer this type of perk, it has to be worth it fiscally for the company at the end of the day. Bar consultants are also able to strategize the internal workings of the company to help control inventory and provide customer service when needed. After all bar consulting (at the front of the house and back office), is about maximizing profit and minimizing loss – while rewarding employees.  CLICK HERE to watch my FREE video “5 Simple Steps to Increasing Your Bar's Profitability 

Giving your restaurant another “shot”

Restaurants use bar consulting as a means to offer their clientele a more robust selection of liquor, beer, wine, and spirits than the average hole in the wall venue. Adding a consultant to explain various creative concoctions is a plus in any book, that’s for sure!

Consultations might range from selecting the perfect alcohol menu to pricing on food and other beverages. Business owners are able to understand their price per pour and how that factors into the bottom line during the bookkeeping process. Bar consultants help put the zing back into the restaurant business by offering new and innovative ways to pretty up the food and drink together as a pair – since they do go hand-in-hand!

“I think a potential client should look to see if a bar consultant's business experience and style matches their vision for their future business. For instance if a consultant is most experienced in high volume, they might not be the right person to hire to create a high end craft cocktail menu. Make sense? You would be surprised how many times things like this happen.”

 Bob Peters, Bar and Cocktail Consultant. Follow Bob on Twitter by clicking HERE, and on Instagram by clicking HERE

Turning up your Nightclub’s Profits

The “Master of Mixology” you hire should know a thing or two about working in a nightclub if that is your preferred clientele. It’s not all about the drinks! Partygoers like to feel the ambiance when they enter onto the scene, and bar consulting services offer assistance in getting customers from peeking inside from the street and into the designated seat!

Delivery of high-end cocktails are a sure fire way to stand out from other bars and nightclubs in the area. While some people go out to dance, others really just want to taste the new mixes available at their favorite clubs! Changing up the drink menu often enough to keep people interested in coming back is one way to get the job done – and a bar consultant specializing in the nightclub setting can help.

“There are a few things that a bar owner/operator should look for in a bar consultant. First would be real world experience - has the consultant solved the problem you are trying to fix. Second is communication style - can you easily communicate with each other. Do they communicate quickly and professionally? The final thing and possibly the most important thing is does the consultant understand the big picture of what you are trying to accomplish. Trying to implement systems and best practices without understanding the long term vision and the culture of the business can create more problems than it fixes.”


Chris Tunstall, Bar Industry Professional, Educator and Writer, Follow Chris on Twitter by clicking  HERE 


Bar Consulting on the Go

Let’s face it: everyone travels. Why not have an out of this world drink while doing it? Hiring a bar consultant to take up residency in your hotel or bed and breakfast is an absolute necessity if you want to attract visitors near and far – and keep them coming back.

Hotels often stockpile their liquor and keep the top shelf stuff out of reach for special occasions. But what if all of a sudden that dynamic shifted and your hotel became known as “the place” for that scotch drink everyone is raving about? More customers, no problem! It’s a good dilemma to have. Hiring a bar consultant who specializes in travel guests is a necessity in this case. Pull out the big guns for a big reward.

Regardless of how or why you hire a bar consultant, one thing is for sure: it’s a great way to go!