How To Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

How To Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

Facebook has become one of the greatest resources available online for business owners seeking to grow valuable relationships with the general public. Thanks to its integration on nearly every platform, Facebook serves as a linchpin for personal communication, advertisements, customer service for nearly every industry. Here are some ways you can leverage this social media platform to grow your own restaurant or bar.

Why You Should Create a Business Page

With nearly two billion people worldwide using Facebook it is easy to see the business potential, especially for small companies that serve a restricted geographic area like a bar or restaurant. More than 60 million businesses have created dedicated pages, which serves as a base for everything from menus to customer service outlets and sales.

Why has this service taken off? Simple – it is vastly easier to create a Facebook page than it is to obtain your own URL, hire a website developer, and lease access to a server. Instead, all you have to do is bring the same experience you gained creating your own personal page to the fore and create something that is instantly integrated into a diverse online community.

That is the key point – integration. As you grow your online presence you can transition customers from your personal profile to your business one, avoiding the disconnect that results in dropped business opportunities.

Facebook Ads: Why They Are a Good Investment

The best advertising is the sort that reaches those most in want of your goods or services. Facebook serves as a mass “vacuum” for personal information, enabling it to create a database that companies can tap into for exceptionally precise advertising. This means it is possible to tailor your advertisements to target your core demographic (say 20-somethings looking for a good beer and burger) without wasting money by showing your ads to those inherently uninterested.

The end goal is to maximize your conversion rate by minimizing clicks by those that will not make an immediate decision. Facebook enables you to focus your ads based on location, demographics, and personal preferences. This is in comparison to Google AdWords, which is restricted to keyword searches and prior search history.

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The Power of the Personal Profile

Facebook allows you to utilize your personal profile for business purposes, as long as it is mixed. Meaning you have to continue using it for personal usage as well. This is great when you are already involved in many community organizations and wish to swiftly connect with those most interested in trying your food out – friends, family, and acquaintances.

The greatest benefit to using your personal profile is the ability to bring the human element of your restaurant directly to your visitors. Showcase your personal story through a series of posts to help add that special touch that will draw people in. It is easier ordering a dish from someone you know than a complete stranger!

Leverage Your Customers for Genuine Proof

Facebook is the epitome of social networking. Each page, article and multimedia upload welcomes feedback through comments and generic status buttons. Make the most of this by encouraging your customers to leave messages on your page detailing their experiences at your bar or restaurant.

This serves two purposes: raising your rank in searches by creating fresh material and in bringing proof that your business is worth visiting. Traditional reviews can be manipulated, making it impossible to verify the authenticity of any statement. Facebook helps mitigate this by requiring all posts to come from signed-in users. This creates a sense of certainty among new patrons that the experience being told on your page is what they can expect when they walk in the door.

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